General Cable, one of the promoters of Europacable’s Industry Charter

The document contains the sector’s commitment to manufacture according to ethical, sustainable and high-quality principles 

Barcelona, September 2015.- General Cable was one of the companies driving the Industry Charter presented recently by Europacable, the sector’s European Association. This document expresses the collective commitment of 15 companies - the most representative of the speciality - to the development and manufacture of cables according to ethical, sustainable and high-quality principles and objectives.

The Industry Charter was made public during the general assembly of Europacable, an association which brings together the main cable manufacturing companies of Europe, held on 29 April last. The commitment contained in the document is not limited to simply fulfilling the requirements of current legislation, but rather promotes a proactive attitude in the manufacturers in order to seek innovative solutions which continuously improve their offering.
The initiatives established by the Industry Charter include especially the supply of maximum safety cables, the development of technologically advanced products with sustainability criteria, the application of corporate social responsibility guidelines in the companies and the support of the United Nations principles on human rights, decent work, environmental protection and anti-corruption.
Matching the values of General Cable
Bob Kenny, as head of the company, signed the Industry Charter for General Cable, and highlighted that “the European Cable Association has been working to list standards that will drive our business in terms of Product compliance, innovation, Business ethics, social responsibility, Health and Safety, and Environment protection”. In his opinion, “it's a great step to show to our customers the direction our European industry wants to take in order to provide them with a sustainable and environment friendly cable platform”. The Charter “matches perfectly with the core Values of General Cable. We have signed it and we will promote it in our sales actions”.