Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Innovative, effective cable designs backed by long-term commitment and investment in the OGP market.

As the oil, gas and petrochemical (OGP) industry continues to expand drilling, exploration and production of vital resources to meet growing demands, there is a need to reduce cost through improved efficiency, operational integrity and maximum service life of rigs, refineries and processing plants. At the same time, challenging offshore, onshore and subsea environments experience extreme temperature ranges, deeper depths, harsh elements and electrical and mechanical stress.
Successful upstream, midstream and downstream processes in the OGP industry require a full range of state-of-the-art cables from a leader with the knowledge, experience and engineering expertise to develop innovative, effective cable designs that ensure safety and preserve the operational integrity of mission-critical equipment in the most demanding exploration, production and refining environments.
With a legacy of innovation than spans 170 years, we are uniquely positioned to respond to the evolving needs of the OGP market through the development of application-specific cable solutions for today’s upstream, midstream and downstream challenges.

For topside applications we offer our Exzhellent® 92-3, Exzhellent® 606 and Genfire® 606 cable ranges.

NSW® cables and umbilicals for subsea applications.

Silec® high- and extra high- voltage cable systems, Armigron® armoured cables, Exzhellent® low-smoke, halogen-free cables, and Arctic-Flex® low temperature cables for onshore facilities.
And with all of our cable solutions for the OGP market backed by value-added services, environmental responsibility and a dedication to customer service, you can count on us for the support, flexibility and responsiveness you need to succeed in this challenging, evolving market.


For exploration and production applications, from offshore subsea and topside to onshore land drilling rigs. More>>

Midstream & Downstream
A full line of specialized cables designed to ensure safety, uptime and productivity – from pipelines, vessels and long-haul communications, to LNG facilities, refining systems and petrochemical plants. More>>