Communications & Enterprise 

Today’s competitive business environment demands advanced information systems that meet requirements well into the future. General Cable's wire and cable offering provides enhanced performance characteristics for today and tomorrow's large- and small-enterprise applications and data centers in commercial buildings, health care environments, the education, military and government sectors, entertainment and transit hubs, manufacturing and residential markets.

General Cable’s products meet the industry demands and specifications of the communications and enterprise markets, ensuring the utmost performance across all your application needs.

Enterprise & Communications Market Categories:

Commercial Buildings 
Satisfying bandwidth requirements and delivering signal and communications throughout commercial structures. More >>

Data Centers
Ensuring reliable data storage, security and redundant power back-up. More>>

Enabling research and development, vital student services and collaborative learning. More >>

Ensuring secure, reliable and fast data transmission for sensitive financial transactions. More >>

Providing cost-effective, reliable and secure networks to support global intelligence communications. More >>

Health care
Assisting in the planning of a health care delivery system to manage data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care. More >>

Delivering cable solutions for quality and performance needed to bring technology home. More>>

Reducing network downtime with reliable wire and cable for improved productivity and automation. More >>