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Delivering the Renewable Power of Wind Energy                                      

From the nacelle and tower of the wind turbine where electricity is created to the step-up transformer where electricity is transferred to the collection system, and from the substation to the power grid, General Cable provides a broad range of renewable energy products for the terrestrial and offshore wind markets.                               


NEW!! General Cable Delivers EmPowr® Link CL™ Advantage
Medium-Voltage Cable ― Generating Results through Innovation
The next step in medium-voltage technology to deliver industry-leading reliability and performance for solar and wind energy collection systems, General Cable’s EmPowr Link CL Advantage Cable offers superior physical protection to endure the rigors of today’s collection system installation methods. For more information email 

EmPowr® Link CL™
— the next generation in renewable energy collection systems. It’s the only medium-voltage cable that costs less now and pays more later: Reduced upfront cost; Environmentally friendly; Better long-term efficiency; and Greater return on investment.

Zephyr2000™ Aluminum Wind Farm Cable

Zephyr2000® cable is the aluminum conductor solution for wind power generation from the turbine to the step up transformer.  This AA-8000 Type RHH/RHW-2 2000 Volt rated single conductor is suitable for use in special applications and can be installed in raceways in accordance with NEC requirements and used in cable trays when marked for "CT USE.".

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