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RUS(REA) Code Description

PE-22 AL


PE-38 AL


PE 39 AL


PE 39 CU5


PE 39 GR




PE 89 AL






Telecommunications Material Safety Data Sheets

Telecommunications Cables FAQs Text (see below)

What is the temperature range that outside plant cable can withstand?

For storage and operation:   -45 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius
                                         -49 degrees to 176 degrees Fahrenheit

For installation:   -30 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius
                         -22 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the bend radius of outside plant cable?

The bend radius for all Outside PIC cable is not less than 10 times the diameter (O.D.) of the cable. For example, if the cable O.D. is .52 inches, then the bend radius for that cable is not less than 5.2 inches.

What is the maximum pulling tension or tensile strength that can be placed on outside plant cable?

It is calculated based on the pair count and gauge of the conductors.
19 AWG = the maximum force is 22.1 lbs. per pair
22 AWG = the maximum force is 11.0 lbs. per pair
24 AWG = the maximum force is 6.6 lbs. per pair
26 AWG = the maximum force is 4.4 lbs. per pair

Are outside plant products Category 3 compatible?

In sample testing it was determined that our filled and air core cable meet or exceed Category 3 transmission requirements. Please note that RUS(REA) specification does not require testing to category 3 parameters.

Can outside plant cable be submersed in water?

We do not recommend submersing outside plant products in water. If a customer requires that a particular product be installed in water, please contact our Engineering department for suggestions. 


Sag and Tension Tables

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Service Wires

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