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the Renewable Power of the Sun

From the back of the solar panel to the inverter where DC electricity is converted into clean AC power, from the inverter to the transformer where electricity is transferred to the substation, and from the substation to the power grid, General Cable provides a broad range of renewable energy products for the solar market. Read more…



The SunGen® Difference 

As a company committed to environmental stewardship and renewable energy, General Cable has specifically designed its SunGen suite of products to effectively and efficiently connect solar panels and concentrated solar power technologies while being able to withstand the harsh operating environments of solar power applications. 


  SunGen® Solar Product Sell Sheets

    SunGen® Photovoltaic Wire UL 4703, 600 V & 2000 V

    SunGen® Photovoltaic Wire CSA RPV90 and RPVU90
    EXZHELLENT® Photovoltaic Cable ZZ-F, 1.8 kV DC - 0.61/1 kV AC


SunGen® - Available in Sun-Resistant COLORS

Add true colors to your solar installations with General Cable's UL 4703 SunGen® Brand of photovoltaic (PV) copper products - now in UV/sunlight-resistant solid colors. Read more... 


Collection System Cables' Ten Most Critical Features Bulletin
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