Mining Cables

A True Legacy in Mining Cables

General Cable’s roots reach down more than a century to the bedrock of the global mining industry. Pioneering advancements in mining cable designs and innovations have set the industry standard by which all others are measured. Manufactured in the same facility and to the same exacting specifications, Anaconda® Brand is the oldest active MSHA P-number and the leading name in the industry since 1929. Today’s Anaconda® Brand mining cables continue to reduce downtime and ensure performance while meeting the most severe and extreme demands of the toughest mining applications.

Underground and Surface Mining Operations

Flat Constructions:
Type W Flat 2 kV Cables
Type G Flat 2 kV Cables
Type G-GC Flat 2 kV Cables
Type SHD Flat 2 kV Cables

Round Constructions:
Type W Round 2 kV Cables
Type G-GC Round 2 kV Cables
Type G-CGC Round 2 & 5 kV Cables
Type SHD-GC Round 2, 5, 8, 15, & 25 kV Cables
Type SHD-CGC Round 2 & 5 kV Cables
Type MP-GC (XLPE/PVC) Round 8 & 15 kV Cables
Type MP-GC (EPR/CPE) Round 5, 8, 15 & 25 kV Cables

What's New?

Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner

General Cable now participates as an Encompass Product Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork. Through Encompass Product Partners, customers can quickly locate complementary products that best solve any application challenges. These products are critical components or connectivity solutions that extend and enhance Rockwell Automation installations.