Industrial Distribution Market

General Cable's high-performance industrial instrumentation, power and control cables serve the full spectrum of requirements for the Industrial Distribution marketplace, including:

  • Power Generation
  • Refining and Petrochemical
  • Natural Gas Production
  • Steel
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Factory Automation
  • Health Care

Through world-class manufacturing and engineering, General Cable uses materials with the best overall properties to create thousands of cable constructions so you get the right design for your application. Backed by decades of cabling expertise and dedication, best-in-class products such as UniShield®, Uniblend®, Polyrad®, Ultrol®, FREP®, VNTC® and Arctic-Flex® meet the demanding environments of the industrial marketplace.

And if you can't find what you need within our product offering, General Cable will design and manufacture cables around your specific circumstance and environment.

Compliances & Certifications

Years of research and development have gone into cabling solutions that support the most technologically advanced specialty markets such as military, mining, energy/nuclear, oil, gas & petrochemical, and transit. These same dedicated resources are applied to every industrial cable construction, resulting in industry-specific approved, qualified and certified products. Our compliances and certifications span the industry’s broadest spectrum offered:

•   AAR RP-585  •   ICEA  •   NEC
•   ABS •   IEC •   NEMA
•   AEIC •   IEEE •   NRC
•   ASTM •   ISO •   NUPIC 
•   CSA •   MIL-STD-790 •   UL
•   DNV •   MSHA •   USCG
•   ETL •   NAVSEA


Energy Market

Power Generation

    • Renewable Resources - The use of renewable resources that can be replenished at rates equal to or greater than their rate of depletion is becoming mainstream with the benefit of recent federal energy tax incentives. Wind Power still leads in renewable power generation technologies with Solar Power, biomass, hydro and others in its wake. General Cable offers a variety of products to this market ranging from aluminum URD cable, copper power and control cables to fiber optic cables ... just another testimonial to The Power of One.

      Breadth of Product: High-Voltage Power; Medium-Voltage Power; Low-Voltage Flexible Power; Low-Voltage Power & Control; Low-Voltage Instrumentation and Communications Cables.
    • Fossil Fuel - General Cable is the leader in providing cables for power generation from fossil fuels, including natural gas, coal and fuel oil. Our industrial cables cover the full spectrum of applications for the oil, gas and petrochemical markets. From instrumentation, power and control to communications and specialty applications, our cables power the connection of global resources that generate electricity around the world.

      Breadth of Product
      : Instrumentation, Control, Flexible Control, Low-Voltage Power, Medium-Voltage Power, Industrial Armored Control and Power, Telecommunications and Data Communications cables.
    • Nuclear Power - General Cable is one of only a handful of cable manufacturers worldwide that is certified and qualified to supply high quality nuclear-grade Class 1E cable to power generating plants, original equipment manufacturers, and storage and waste management facilities. Our exclusive line of Ultrol® products provides superior reliability for every nuclear-generating application, including 40-year service life capability, environmental qualification and maximum safety.

      Breadth of Product: Class 1E Switchboard & Single Conductor Power, Instrumentation, Control & Power, Coaxial & Triaxial Cables and Non-Class 1E Communications.

Midstream and Downstream - LNG, Refining and Petrochemical Solutions

  • Refining and Petrochemical                                                                                                                          With the demand for petroleum products increasing globally, 
    refineries are operating at their absolute maximum capacity and new facilities and being planned and developed all around the world. Building on global technology expertise and resources, General Cable's industrial instrumentation, power and control cables maintain the operational integrity of new and existing petrochemical production industries to ensure optimal efficiency and throughput for years to come.
  • Natural Gas Production

    From residential and commercial to industry and electricity generation, natural gas has become a vital source of energy for the world's economy. As global supply issues expand the natural gas production market, General Cable maximizes its industry knowledge and insight to provide robust industrial cabling solutions that reduce production facility malfunctions and maintain the critical flow of natural gas to the market.

Health Care

Properly planning your cabling infrastructure for tomorrow’s health care applications can alleviate strain on your network’s bandwidth. The health care industry is at the forefront of the technological revolution, with massive changes being driven by advances in diagnostics and monitoring, EMR, patient information systems and digital imaging technologies. These advances enhance patient care but require real-time access to volumes of information and reliable transmission of large files like patient x-rays or digital scans.

General Cable understands the key challenges facing your network infrastructures and data centers. With our superior expertise and a full line of cabling solutions, we can assist you in planning a health care delivery system that will properly manage your data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care.