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  • ABS Product Type Approval (Model Name(s): C1Z-TP Series (Thermoplastic), C1Z-TSET Series (Thermoset), C1Z-MOR Series (Thermoset))
  • ABS Product Type Approval (Model Name(s): C1Z-ATP Series (Thermoplastic), C1Z-ATSET Series (Thermoset), C1Z-AMOR Series (Thermoset))

Blolite™ Blown Fiber Systems:  Revolutionizing Fiber Networks

The Blolite™ Blown Fiber System provides unparalleled flexibility in network design. The Blolite system allows you to future-proof your communications network today, reserving capacity for the ever-changing requirements of tomorrow. Blolite is the best long-term choice for your business, providing time, cost and service benefits throughout the lifecycle of your communications network.

PanGen™ Network Solutions

The GENERAL CABLE and PANDUIT vision is to provide organizations—large and small—the ability to host essential current and emerging business applications. This vision is realized through the delivery of superior-quality IT infrastructure solutions. These PanGen™ Network Solutions are developed through high-level research and development, manufacturing excellence, rigorous quality standards and performance testing. Businesses and institutions are assured the infrastructure they need today with room for future growth … connect with us.

  • PanGen™ Plus Brochure: PanGen Plus solutions are ideally suited for colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, government institutions and other businesses and institutions of all sizes, offering high-performing Category 6, Category 5e and fiber systems with network connectivity and cables from GENERAL CABLE and PANDUIT.
  • PanGen™ Pro Brochure: PanGen Pro ideally supports emerging applications within educational institutions, local government and municipalities and small- to mid-sized enterprises, offering affordable, high-performance network infrastructure solutions.