Fiber Optic Cables Product Brochures


NextGen® Brand Tight Buffer Distribution Cable with 17 FREE, Type OFNR, CSA FT-4

General Cable has added to with 17 FREE line of products, which are free of halogens, with its NextGen Brand Tight Buffer Distribution Cable (Type OFNR, CSa FT-4).

NextGen® Brand Optical Fiber Selection Guide

General Cable
10 Gig Solutions Guide

General Cable recognizes that your application and performance needs may vary. That’s why we offer four solutions for 10 Gigabit applications.

Fiber Optic Cross Reference Guide

A helpful quick-reference guide for NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Cables.

General Cable and Corning® Optical Fiber Brochure

General Cable partners with Corning to deliver the world's most reliable and technologically advanced optical fiber cables.

NextGen® Brand Combat Series Military Tactical Fiber Brochure - TFOCA & TFOCA-II®

General Cable's NextGen Brand tactical fiber optic cables are designed, engineered and manufactured to specification for an extensive range of markets in military, marine/oil rig,transit, utility, industrial. TV camera, and other diverse applications.

Tight Buffer Distribution Interlock Armored Cable

General Cable's Tight Buffer Distribution Interlock Armored Cable is a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-use Type OFCR/OFCP fiber premise cable, which is available for the toughest applications.

Wind Power Brochure

Delivering the Renewable Power of Wind Energy – Whether its terrestrial direct buried cables or offshore wind farms requiring high-performance submarine cables, General Cable has one of the most diverse and expansive range of products to meet virtually every application in the wind power industry. From fiber optic and bare overhead conductors to underground URD and low-voltage power, control, and instrumentation cables, General Cable offers the full array of cables needed for wind turbines to generate, distribute, and transmit energy.