Fiber Optic Cable Markets

NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Cables are available to meet diverse cabling topology and network transmission requirements. Our cables are ideal for networking applications in markets such as:


In today’s fast-paced business environment, corporations require state-of-the-art business information systems to retain their competitive edge. NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Cables are available in a broad range of fiber counts, cable constructions and with fiber performance characteristics to meet every application, including 10Gbit transmission. Our quality product and commitment to manufacturing excellence make NextGen Brand the right choice for both large- and small-enterprise applications.


Municipal, State and Federal government agencies share the need to develop cost-effective, high-speed networks that enable them to meet the diverse needs of their constituents. With security concerns at an all time high, NextGen Brand Fiber Optic Cables provide a secure transmission medium for sensitive data, while delivering network performance scalability to meet needs well into the future.


The campus network has become an essential asset for colleges and universities, enabling them to scale new heights in research and development while providing enhanced services such as collaborative learning. K-12 schools now also require sophisticated high-speed networks to enhance learning and facility community interaction. NextGen™ Brand Fiber Optic Cables enable high-performance networks, meeting the needs for both campus-wide and intra-building applications.

Health Care

Properly planning your cabling infrastructure for tomorrow’s health care applications can alleviate strain on your network’s bandwidth. The health care industry is at the forefront of the technological revolution, with massive changes being driven by advances in diagnostics and monitoring, EMR, patient information systems and digital imaging technologies. These advances enhance patient care but require real-time access to volumes of information and reliable transmission of large files like patient x-rays or digital scans.

General Cable understands the key challenges facing your network infrastructures and data centers. With our superior expertise and a full line of cabling solutions, we can assist you in planning a health care delivery system that will properly manage your data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care.


Nowhere is the need for robust cable designs greater than in a manufacturing environment. NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Cables, like our interlock armor cable, are designed to handle tough environments, ensuring reduced network down-time, and accordingly, higher productivity.  


As fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) becomes a reality, NextGen® Brand Fiber Optic Cables are onsite, creating high-speed network pathways to homes and apartments throughout the country. Blolite™ NextGen’s blown optical fiber technology, provides an especially economical way for multiple dwelling unit owners to make their properties “fiber ready” during the construction phase, so that fiber service can be installed on an as-needed basis, to meet tenant requirements.


Today’s financial institutions are among the most sophisticated and demanding telecommunications users. In an environment where time really is money, only the fastest, most reliable networks will do. General Cable’s fiber optic products deliver the network performance and quality demanded on Wall Street and around the world. 


In the digital age, network infrastructure has become a vital part of any entertainment venue. From delivering high-speed, high-quality digital video feeds at sporting events to networking slot machines at large casinos, high-speed networks are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the show. With a wide variety of cable designs, General Cable is sure to have the perfect cable for any entertainment environment, from stadium to stage.