Electronic Cables Product Brochures


Applications Guide for Electronics Products - General Cable manufactures the most comprehensive line of Carol® Brand Electronic Cables available today for signal & data transmission, security, fire alarm & life safety, sound and audio/video & home entertainment. Learn more about applications utilizing Carol Electronic products.

Alarm and Security Solutions Guide - Carol® Brand wire and cable for alarm and security applications, including our Gepco® Brand line of cable for Lighting Control and Touch Panel systems.

Belden-to-Carol® Brand Electronics Cross-Reference Sheet - General Cable's Carol® Brand Electronics cables cross more Belden cables than anyone else.

EXZEL Products Catalog - Carol® Brand's EXZEL High-Endurance line of Electronics cable wire and cable is an exceptional choice that offers complete peace of mind. It exzels in applications where oil, liquids, vapors or other substances can attack the jacketing of conventional “round gray” PVC electronic cables and we are pleased to offer LSZH constructions as well..

EXZEL Competitive Cross-Reference Guide - Carol® Brand's EXZEL High-Endurance line of Electronics wire and cable can be easily crossed with Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1.

NEW!! General Cable Wire & Cable All Products Reference Guide for North America - General Cable serves the electrical distribution market with industry-leading brands -- including Carol®, BICC®, Brand Rex, NextGen® and STABILOY®.

Industrial Automation Market Solutions Brochure - Through innovative design and engineering expertise, General Cable delivers the wire and cables that maintain ongoing productivity for an array of industrial automation and electrical distribution customers.


Armored Electronics Cables - General Cable now offers the capability to armor virtually any Carol® Brand Electronics cable. This rugged exterior and protection allows for the installation of almost any Electronics cable in markets with the toughest and most rigorous building code requirements.

Carol® Brand DBRF Coaxial Cables - Carol Brand DBRF Flexible Low Loss 50 ohm Coax cables are designed with DAS in mind and are to be used specifically in wireless applications such as 2-way land mobile radios, telemetry, wireless LANs, wireless local loop, WISP, MMDS, wireless broadband data.

Carol® Brand Electronics Cable Featuring the TRU-Mark® Sequential Footage Marking System

Carol® Brand FEP Products – Almost 40 new cables are in stock and  featured in this FEP Products bulletin.  Most are FEP Plenum cables and all cross to popular Belden items.  These cables are used in OEM and MRO applications and are often referred to as round gray "Classic cables." 

Command® Series Cruise Ship Cables -
General Cable’s Carol® Brand Command® Series Cruise Ship Cables are manufactured for use on cruise ships and yachts.

Delivering the Renewable Power of Wind Energy Brochure - Whether its terrestrial direct buried cables or offshore wind farms requiring high-performance submarine cables, General Cable has one of the most diverse and expansive range of products to meet virtually every application in the wind power industry. From fiber optic and bare overhead conductors to underground URD and low-voltage power, control, and instrumentation cables, General Cable offers the full array of cables needed for wind turbines to generate, distribute, and transmit energy.  

Helix/HiTemp® Category Cables – General Cable offers a complete line Carol® Brand Helix/Hi-Temp® Category 5e and 6 Cables to meet all you data communications networking needs. 

RG 59/U Coaxial & Siamese Coaxial Cables with 17 FREE™ - General Cable is pleased to offer a "green" line of Carol® Brand RG 59/U Coaxial cables featuring our 17 FREE technology.  This line is completely free of halogens, resulting in a less toxic, more environmentally-friendly cable.  These RG 59/U cables may qualify for LEED credit under the U.S. Green Building Council's Pilot 2 program.