Installation Guide  

NEW!!! TransPowr® Overhead Conductor Installation Guide - The intent of this guide, along with IEEE Standard 524 Guide to the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors, is to provide recommended practice guidance for an optimized installation of overhead conductors. It also provides special procedures for TransPowr® ACSS, ACSS/TW and T-2® that are highlighted in blue italicized copy and provided in the tabbed sections throughout the Installation Guide. A must read before installing overhead conductor.    

Commercial Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
General Cable has successful experience in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) implementations. The basis of our relationships with our VMI and Collaborative Planning partners is to add value to both organizations through:

  • Reduced system-wide inventory
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Improved planning
  • Optimized distribution
  • Improved communications
  • Service
  • Business commitment
  • Product lead-time reduction

Supply Chain Re-design
General Cable has invested in the talent and the information technology required to assist our customers in the re-design and improvement of their supply chain operations. We go to market through more channels than any other manufacturer, with a broader array of customers. This breadth of industry and channel exposure provides our team with leading-edge insight from within and outside the wire and cable industry. We have worked with customers to re-design their order management, forecasting, scheduling, transportation and distribution operations. We pride ourselves on being the most creative management team in the industry.

E-Business and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our Strategic direction, stated simply, is to be an industry leader in the rapid transformation to both E-Commerce and E-Business transactions. As General Cable, we currently conduct EDI with 200+ Trading Partners utilizing 18 different transaction sets.

We have designed our own customized Internet application, My General Cable. The currently operational My General Cable includes a platform with informational and content functionality and includes an Online Catalog, Report Capabilities, Order Status Information, Engineering Reports and Contact Information.  Further initiatives will include personalized Web site collaboration with our Utility customers to design more specific Web-based applications.

Reels Management

General Cable has embarked on a comprehensive reel management program that is intended, in collaboration with its alliance customers, to recycle one-way wooden reels. The program is intended to benefit the customer by providing a solution to the waste management, storage and resource issues that empty wood reels present.

General Cable, in its Utility Power Cable business alone, uses an estimated 140,000 wooden one-way or non-returnable reels each year for the U.S. market. To control our costs, it is in both parties’ interests to cooperate and return as many of these reels back into service as is economically feasible. General Cable is also focused on keeping environmental concerns a priority for all the communities our customers serve.

For more details on how General Cable’s Wood Reel Recycling Program can provide you with the opportunity to recycle your used inventory and avoid the associated cost incurred for storage and disposal, click here

To schedule a pick-up of your used General Cable and Non-General Cable wood reels, call Sonoco Reels at 1.800.633.3962 ext. 5040.

Additionally, General Cable is active in evaluating alternative packaging solutions, which in some applications would replace wood. An alternative solution is a concept called Reeless Package where we would utilize for bare aluminum and low-voltage designs. We currently have this capability to supply this new packaging technology and we are available to review the program with you at any time.


Reel Handling Procedure

Freight Optimization

With 30 North American facilities (manufacturing and distribution) freight is a significant expense and is viewed as a strategic resource. Each Utility plant manages their daily requirements while being supported corporately on the strategic level. If favored with an award, General Cable will commit resources to developing an optimized freight management program designed to achieve the best service at the lowest cost.

The combination of General Cable’s size and volume affords us the ability to create innovative freight options, control pricing and pass savings on to our customer. The flexibility in the various modes of transportation allows us to work with you to create additional innovative cost-saving opportunities, such as direct shipments to job sites.

Metals Volatility Protection

Metals (copper and aluminum) represent a significant component of the cost of raw materials used in cable. Some of our customers seek to avoid the volatility associated with the metals component of the cables we provide. In order to meet the needs of these customers, we have a “Forward Metals Purchase” program which fixes the aluminum or copper price for a quantity and time period specified by our customer. By locking in copper or aluminum unit prices for several months, the customer is able to remove the volatility associated with frequent changes in the global price of metals. This has been attractive to customers focused on locking in year over year cost reductions and customers seeking more certainty in their planning and budgeting process.

MWBE Program

The markets that our customers serve are becoming increasingly diverse. As a result, General Cable has recognized the importance of promoting supplier diversity in our industry. General Cable has established relationships and programs with a variety of MWBE suppliers. These suppliers perform a range of value-added services including assembly, packaging and distribution. As new programs and opportunities are evaluated, we explore creative solutions that include diversity suppliers.


Engineering Services

General Cable provides a wide range of engineering services. Application Engineers supply technical cable data and support, both at the time of purchase and after installation. This includes a wide range of electrical and mechanical characteristics that enable Utilities to make the best decisions about which product to purchase and install. Considerations include first cost as well as cost of operation throughout the anticipated cable life. Our engineers also visit job sites upon request to provide “hands on” assistance with both overhead and underground installations.

  • Cable Systems Design and Testing
  • Turnkey Installations and Field Supervision
  • Research & Development
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              Indianapolis Technology Center 
              General Cable Compounds
  • Testing and Analytical Center           
    •      Marshall Technology Center