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Electric Utility Line Card

Low-Voltage Power Cable

  • PowrServ® Tri-Rated Low-Voltage Multiplex Underground Distribution Cable - PowrServ® 600 Volt tri-rated lead-free XLPE insulated underground distribution cables in duplex and triplex configurations are designed for secondary power distribution circuits.
  • PowrNet® 600V Network Cable – General Cable’s PowrNet cable was developed for use in congested urban networks (particularly in duct systems) where maximum reliability, easy of installation, and low-smoke cables are required.
  • PowrServ® Low-Voltage Cable – General Cable offers a wide range of cable types and sizes to meet Utility requirements for the finest cables used in a variety of underground and overhead applications. PowrServ is a low-voltage cable of insulated conductors for overhead and underground distribution.
  • MasterPak® Reel-less Packaging for PowrServ® Cables – this concept was originally developed through strategic alliances and partnerships with our utility customers, was introduced in the mid 90s as a means of helping utilities with the growing concern of disposal and landfill costs.

Medium-Voltage Power Cable

  • EmPowr® Fill – General Cable’s filled EPR insulated medium-voltage EmPowr Fill cable is a formulated technology developed to provide cable compound solutions to meet the rigorous underground cable installations of today and the future.
  • EmPowr® Fill LF Lead-Free Introducing General Cable's new environmentally sound, lead-free filled insulation medium-voltage EAM energy cable. Attentive to the challenges and transformations taking place in the utility industry, General Cable anticipated the need for a new, sustainable approach more than a decade ago. Advances in technology have enabled General Cable to pioneer a medium-voltage cable that advances the way utilities distribute power for the 21st century. The answer is EmPowr® Fill LF. 
  • Lead-Free EmPowr® Link – General Cable’s EmPowr Link Cross-Linked Polyethylene (TRXLPE) insulated medium-voltage power cable is strongly recommended for primary distribution service applications such as underground residential and rural systems because of its excellent dielectric and physical characteristics.
  • PowrPak® – The Next Generation of MV-UD Cable, now available with lead-free EAM insulation. Since the early 1920s, Paper Insulated Lead Covered (PILC) cable has been the standard for cable reliability. But as load demands increased, environmental concerns grew and urban distribution systems aged, it became necessary to develop a new cable design. PowrPak® is that cable.

High- and Extra-High-Voltage Cable

Bare Overhead Conductor


  • TransPowr® T-2 Overhead Conductor Products – Transpowr T-2 conductors reduce costs by reducing overhead conductor vibration.
  • TransPowr® TW Overhead Conductor Products – TransPowr TW Conductors are available to complement the diverse line of bare overhead conductors that General Cable manufactures.
  • TransPowr® Overhead Conductor Installation Guide - The intent of this guide, along with IEEE Standard 524 Guide to the Installation of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors, is to provide recommended practice guidance for an optimized installation of overhead conductors. It also provides special procedures for TransPowr® ACSS, ACSS/TW and T-2® that are highlighted in blue italicized copy and provided in the tabbed sections throughout the Installation Guide. A must read before installing overhead conductor.

Renewable Market Brochures

          Wind Power

Delivering the Renewable Power of Wind Energy - From the nacelle and tower of the wind turbine where electricity is created to the step-up transformer where electricity is transferred to the collection system, and from the substation to the power grid, General Cable provides a broad range of renewable energy products for the terrestrial and offshore wind markets.

General Cable Delivers EmPowr® Link CL™ Advantage
Medium-Voltage Cable ― Generating Results through Innovation
The next step in medium-voltage technology to deliver industry-leading reliability and performance for solar and wind energy collection systems, General Cable’s EmPowr Link CL Advantage Cable offers superior physical protection to endure the rigors of today’s collection system installation methods. For more information email 

EmPowr® Link CL™
— the next generation in renewable energy collection systems. It’s the only medium-voltage cable that costs less now and pays more later: Reduced upfront cost; Environmentally friendly; Better long-term efficiency; and Greater return on investment.  U.S version Canadian version

Collection System Cables' Ten Most Critical Features Bulletin

Bare Copper Ground Conductor SheetU.S. Version     Canadian Version

Dead Soft Annealed (DSA) Copper Clad Steel (CCS) Catalog Sheet

Solar Power

Harnessing the Renewable Power of the Sun - From the Sun to the Outlet - From the back of the solar panel to the inverter where DC electricity is converted into clean AC power, from the inverter to the transformer where electricity is transferred to the substation, and from the substation to the power grid, General Cable provides a broad range of renewable energy products for the solar market.

Collection System Cables' Ten Most Critical Features Bulletin