Energy Market


Power Transmission and Distribution

As the largest energy wire and cable manufacturer in North America, General Cable's conductor and cable are the preferred choice for power transmission, distribution and generation.

General Cable's TransPowr® bare aluminum overhead conductors are available in numerous combinations of aluminum and steel strands and layers. 

General Cable’s extensive line of PowrServ® and EmPowr® copper and aluminum cable serve the total distribution needs of electric utilities, rural electrical co-ops and the public power market for both traditional and renewable energy resources.

    Product Range


  • Bare Overhead
  • High- & Extra-High-Voltage Underground


  • Bare Overhead
  • Low-Voltage Underground
  • Low-Voltage Overhead
  • Medium-Voltage Underground

    Total Commitment to Commercial and Engineering Resources and Services


  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supply Chain Redesign
  • E-Business and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Reels Management
  • Reels Handling Procedure
  • Freight Optimization
  • Metals Volatility Protection
  • MWBE Program


  • Cable Systems Design and Testing
  • Turnkey Installations and Field Supervision
  • Research & Development
  • Testing and Analytical Center

Power Generation

Renewable Resources -
The use of renewable resources that can be replenished at rates equal to or greater than their rate of depletion is becoming mainstream with the benefit of federal energy tax incentives. Wind power still leads in renewable power generation technologies with solar, biomass, hydro and others in its wake. General Cable offers a variety of products to this market ranging from aluminum URD cable, copper power and control cables to fiber optic cables... just another testimonial to One Company connecting the world.

Breadth of Product: Electric Utility High- & Extra-High-Voltage Power; Industrial Medium-Voltage Power; Low-Voltage Flexible Power; Low-Voltage Power & Control; Instrumentation; and Communications.