Automotive Product Brochures

NEW!!  CarolGrene Ultra Flex® EV Cables - General Cable has engineered this new Carol® Brand line to supply charging power for all electric vehicles on the market today and is compatible with commercial and residential charging applications.

Building a Better Ignition Wire Capabilities
 - General Cable builds a better ignition wire from the inside out to meet your specific requirement.

Ignition Wire Sets Capabilities
 - General Cable is the premier private label manufacturer and market share leader in the production and distribution of ignition wire sets for the automotive aftermarket.

Ignition Wire Set Products - General Cable's comprehensive line of ignition wire sets provides broad vehicle coverage with a minimal number of SKUs (Consolidated Line Ignition Wire Sets).

UPDATED!! ProSpark® Coil-On-Plug Insulators
- General Cable's full line of ProSpark Coil-On-Plug Insulators delivers maximum spark, provides long life and meets original manufacturer design.

Battery/Starter Cable
 - General Cable's battery/starter cable is used in a multitude of automotive, industrial and marine applications.

Primary Wire Including OEM Applications - General Cable's primary wire is available in single duplex and bonded parallel/multi-conductor constructions in a variety of gauges, popular colors and packaging alternatives. It is also ideal for general-purpose wiring for any wiring harness or assembly required for motor-driven equipment.

UPDATED!! ProSpark® Premium Ignition Wire Sets - ProSpark Premium Ignition Wire Sets are designed to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) performance specifications.

Why Change Your Wire Set?
- For improved engine efficiency, better gas mileage and prevention of costly repairs.

MagStar® Racing Super Inductor Wires - MagStar Racing Wire Sets are designed for a very specific fit for Muscle Cars, Street Rods and Tuners.

MagStar® Marine Wire Sets & Ignition Leads - MagStar Marine wires are designed exclusively for marine engines and are the highest quality marine sets available in the world.