We're Your Renewable Energy Cable Partner

For more than three decade, General Cable has been supplying innovative cable solutions that deliver power from Renewable energy sources to the grid. That experience combined with a commitment to ensuring minimal impact on the environment, a worldwide presence and an extensive R&D program enable General Cable to provide the most reliable and technologically advanced cable solutions for today’s global renewable energy market and develop innovative renewable energy solutions for tomorrow.

Our Renewable Energy Cable solutions include:

Cables for the Solar Market, including UV-resistant cables to connect the back of the solar panel to inverters where DC electricity is stored and converted.

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A broad range of cables for the Wind Market, including nacelle cables used in wind turbine systems and copper and aluminum tower cables.

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Custom cable assemblies that meet customer specifications for a wide range of renewable energy applications.

A variety of collection system distribution cables and overhead and underground transmission lines for a complete renewable energy system—from the wind turbine or solar panel to the home.

What's New...

General Cable is featured in the July issue of North American WINDPOWER magazine - “Why Cable Matters In Wind Reliability, Revenue” Take a minute to read how your wire and cable decisions can impact a wind project.