Mining Market

General Cable is the leading provider of Anaconda® Brand Lead-Cured Mining Cables and Carol® Brand CV-Cured Industrial-Grade Power Cables.

Today's mining applications require cables designed specifically for the mining market that offer reliability, performance, protection and hazard resistance. With roots reaching down more than a century to the bedrock of modern mining, General Cable provides the most comprehensive range of cabling solutions for both underground and surface mining applications:

•  Longwall Systems 
•  Specialized Solutions
•  Continuous Miners
•  Draglines 
•  Power Shovels 
•  Auxiliary Equipment 
•  Belt Feeders 
•  Shuttle Cars

Anaconda® Brand — The Best Cable for Every Mining Application

When it comes to reliability and performance in a mining cable, one name stands alone. Derived from the expertise of one of the earliest mining companies, Anaconda® Brand cable is engineered to exceed ICEA, CSA and MSHA compliances, and endure the most severe and extreme demands of the toughest mining applications.

  • Considered the most trusted, durable and reliable brand in the industry
  • Extra heavy-duty grade, lead-cured thermoset jacket for the ultimate protection
  • Provides resistance to damage and distortion over a wide range of temperature
  • Ensures greater protection to equipment and personnel

Carol® Brand — For Maximum Cost Savings

Carol® Brand industrial-grade cables provide cost-effective, dependable performance over the life of the cable. For all power and control applications where the cable will not encounter a high degree of physical abuse, Carol Brand mining cables are a viable, reliable choice.

  • Heavy-duty grade, single-layer, CV-cured thermoset jacket ensures performance
  • Exceeds the requirements for standard low-flex or stationary, and non-critical applications
  • Carries a full range of listings and certifications including MSHA, ICEA and UL

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