Electronics Distribution Market

General Cable’s Carol® Brand products fulfill the complete wire and cable requirements of the fast-changing electronics marketplace for:

Alarm, Security & Life Safety Cables

  • Access control, burglar alarm, fire alarm, CCTV/video surveillance, and sound and security cables.

Audio & Pro Audio Cables

  • Audio, microphone and "star quad" microphone cables, musical instrument and sound cables for entertainment, studio and radio broadcast applications in both analog and digital environments. This line also features snake cables for easily connecting multiple audio channels in stage-type productions.

Belden Equal Cables

  • Hundreds of multi-conductor and coax cables that crossover to Belden specs without compromising quality or performance.

Broadcast Cables

  • Copper/fiber camera cables, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) cables, coax, precision video coax, snake cables. This line includes cables for both analog and digital environments and meet critical SMPTE standards.

Communication & Control Cables

  • Multi-conductor and multi-pair cables in shielded and unshielded configurations. This includes PVC jacketed as well as rubber jacketed cables for more durable applications. You'll also find PLTC cables for power-limited tray cable applications.

Health Care

Properly planning your cabling infrastructure for tomorrow’s health care applications can alleviate strain on your network’s bandwidth. The health care industry is at the forefront of the technological revolution, with massive changes being driven by advances in diagnostics and monitoring, EMR, patient information systems and digital imaging technologies. These advances enhance patient care but require real-time access to volumes of information and reliable transmission of large files like patient x-rays or digital scans.

General Cable understands the key challenges facing your network infrastructures and data centers. With our superior expertise and a full line of cabling solutions, we can assist you in planning a health care delivery system that will properly manage your data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care.

Home Entertainment Cables

  • Command Series speaker cables, coax and in-wall speaker cables for home theatre and home entertainment applications. 

MRO Wire & Cable

  • Thousands of cables from single conductor hook up wire, to coax, to multi-conductor and multi-pair cables for various MRO applications on the plant floor, office and warehouse. We carry most replacement cables needed to keep instrumentations, electrical and electronic equipment running.

OEM Wire and Cable

  • Thousands of cables are specified Carol® or Helix/Hi-Temp Brand for automotive electronics, medical electronics, instrumentation, control, electrical and electronic equipment. These cables meet OEM applications as well as the sub-assembly houses and contract manufacturers who do the assembly. Where applicable on internal wiring applications we are RoHS compliant.

Specialty Cable

  • Special application cables and custom built cables for specific applications to meet specific customer requirements.


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With our superior expertise and a full line of cabling solutions, General Cable can assist you in planning a Health Care delivery system that will properly manage your data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care... find out how now!