Electrical Distribution Market

    General Cable is a leading supplier of wire and cable to the Electrical Distribution Market.

    Our extensive line of Carol® and Helix / Hi-Temp™ Brand cord, cordset, data communications and electronics products provide electrical distributors some of the best-know and best-built cables for their contractor customers’ use in industrial, commercial and residential applications. With our recent acquisition of Alcan Cable, we now offer the STABILOY® Brand of aluminum alloy building wire cables for the U.S. and Mexican markets, and the NUAL® Brand of aluminum alloy building wire products for the Canadian market.

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What's New?

NEW!!   General Cable - Single-Source Solutions for the Industrial Automation Market - Check it out now!

General Cable’s reintroduction of Building Wire product line expands and enhances its industrial offering with a broader spectrum of copper products that range from 600 to 2000 Volts. Click here to view our new Interactive Building Wire Catalog.

CarolGrene Ultra Flex® EV Cables - General Cable has engineered this new Carol® Brand line to supply charging power for all Electric Vehicles on the market today and is compatible with commercial and residential charging applications.