Communications / Data Distribution Market

General Cable’s datacom, electronic and fiber optic cables meet specific industry demands and specifications, ensuring the utmost performance across all markets.


Today’s competitive business environment demands advanced information systems that meet requirements well into the future. General Cable's data communications cables provide enhanced performance characteristics for today's and tomorrow's large- and small-enterprise applications.

Data Centers

From high performance GenSPEED® copper data communications cables and NextGen® fiber optic cables, to Carol® Brand electronics and cord products, General Cable has the solutions to provide reliable data storage, security, and redundant power back-up for current and future Data Center applications. 


Municipal, state and federal agencies require cost-effective, reliable and secure networks to support mission-critical applications and global intelligence communications. General Cable’s manufacturing excellence and product quality ensures continuous dependable performance.


The campus network is an essential asset for schools, colleges and universities, enabling advanced research and development, vital student services and collaborative learning. General Cable's wide range of solutions help institutions improve and strengthen education through technology.

Health Care

Properly planning your cabling infrastructure for tomorrow’s health care applications can alleviate strain on your network’s bandwidth. The health care industry is at the forefront of the technological revolution, with massive changes being driven by advances in diagnostics and monitoring, EMR, patient information systems and digital imaging technologies. These advances enhance patient care but require real-time access to volumes of information and reliable transmission of large files like patient x-rays or digital scans.

General Cable understands the key challenges facing your network infrastructures and data centers. With our superior expertise and a full line of cabling solutions, we can assist you in planning a health care delivery system that will properly manage your data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care.


Nowhere is the need for robust, reliable cable designs greater than in a manufacturing environment. As a world-class manufacturer, General Cable understands the need to deliver cabling infrastructures that reduce network downtime for improved productivity.  



General Cable is proud to have a long and distinguished history of particpation in military programs that spans over four decades.  Our Datacom military cables are designed, engineered and manuactured to specification for military applications.



With teleworking and home offices on the rise, and the downloading of large files like video now commonplace, the demand for bandwidth in the residential environment has never been greater. General Cable delivers the quality and performance you need to bring technology home.

What's New?

With our superior expertise and a full line of cabling solutions, General Cable can assist you in planning a Health Care delivery system that will properly manage your data, support convergence and revolutionize patient care... find out how now!